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Build Your IDEAL REI Business 

No-nonsense approach to this Bootcamp. Watch the video below and you'll get the feel for what's in store for you over the next 5 weeks!

Here's the Deal...

What's in store for you

  • 5 weeks of trainings from my coaches and me
  • ​5 weeks of what it's like in our year long Mastermind
  • ​5 Workshops packed with invaluable knowledge  
  • ​We'll work side by side you to help you find the deals
  • We'll help you lock down contracts

Let's Break This All Down...

You'll get access to all 5 Deal Huddles that were recorded LIVE! 

We work through challenges, hesitations, communications, training questions, and confidence! 

Once you invest in the Bootcamp, every 3rd Monday of the Month you'll be able to jump on and ask your own questions at 8pm EST! EVERY MONTH!
Workshops are lead by our stellar coaches who walk the walk EVERY day as successful business owners and investors! 

Dive deep into a specific topic for 90 minutes and train you on the ins-and-outs of the week's topic

All Recorded For You - Released All Together When You Register
The Online Campus is home to all 5 Weeks of the training content that gets released instantly to you.

This will include all of our recordings from the 5 Weeks. Scripts, Forms, Marketing Materials, and Contracts are all available for download on the Campus!
"I bought my first investment in my first 90 days after joining Augie's program. I got the lead BY DRIVING FOR DOLLARS! I made $27K in my Self Directed Retirement Account (IRA)! Thanks a bunch, Augie!"

Marshall Rice
Saint Cloud, FL

Get to know the Workshops and the amazing Leaders!

Workshop #1


Releases the First Week You Sign Up!

Who's Leading This Workshop?

Meet Matt Kamp

Matt previously led partnerships for Influence & Co., an Inc. 500 list content marketing agency, and helped grow the firm from 8 to 80 employees. He is now Vice President of DealMachine.

DealMachine is the leading technology platform to grow real estate investing operations in the United States. Comprised of Street Engine, List Engine, SMS Engine (soon), and a powerful free CRM, DealMachine gives real estate investors the tools they need to grow better.

Meet Elise Knaack

Elise proudly helps Real Estate Investors scale and build a successful street team Driving for Dollars. As the Marketing and Client Success Manager at DealMachine, she's in the trenches ensuring clients deliver KILLER results when bringing in hot real estate leads! You'll definitely PROFIT from the DealMachine Workshop!

Market like a PRO - Become a Lead Generation Machine

We need to bring in leads and talk to sellers. Where do they come from? A great way to start is Driving for Dollars! 

Reduce your marketing spend per deal and be the only investor talking to your sellers. See why established real estate investors turn to DealMachine. 

You'll get a deep dive into the strategies for Driving for Dollars. DealMachine helps organize your entire team by displaying driving routes in real-time on everyone's map so you can keep targeting fresh areas and get more deals.

Workshop #2


Access Week 2 Instantly!

Who's Leading This Workshop?

Meet Tim Davis

Tim was forced into bankruptcy in 2008 during the height of the great recession by an aggressive lender who called a $300,000 line of credit and was unwilling to work on any terms to salvage the relationship. This experience caused Tim to have to close his business Davis Remodeling Contractors, LLC, loose everything and have to start from zero to build his business again.
With that experience Tim became gun shy of working with banks and sought out other forms of financing for his business entities. He was able to develop relationships with private lenders and also purchase properties creatively financing real estate through owner financing. Learning how to do that allowed him to put together 2 separate real estate portfolios

All About Seller Financing

Learn how we can negotiate income streams instead of large chunks of cash and no money down terms for the seller's equity!

Tim Schmidt will help you generate leads in this market and learn how to talk to the RIGHT sellers so that you can get more houses under contract, faster! 

Use the seller's equity as a creative offer where you'll buy the house and give the seller an income stream over time! Buy more houses using this incredible method.

Workshop #3


Don't Miss Week 3 Which Gets Instantly Released to You!

Who's Leading This Workshop?

Meet Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt joins us with over 25 years of extensive experience delivering measurable, cost-effective results in a corporate banking career. Still working his full time job and now a Broker, Tim is one of our most creative community members. 

In just the first 90 days after joining our Mastermind, he did 10 deals, some buy and holds, some fix and flips and wholesale deals. He made over $125k in his first 12 months.

Secrets of Subject-To

Why risk botching a real estate deal when you can learn the right things to say?

Learning how to buy houses Subject-To teaches you how to use the existing financing to purchase the property. This technique has been used by investors across the country to help homeowners and investors alike.

Simply take over the payments on an existing loan and you can solve their problem. This is one of the easiest ways to buy real estate!

Workshop #4


Jump in to Week 4 at Your Leisure!

Who's Leading This Workshop?

Meet Harland Merriam

Harland Merriam brings a unique perspective to multi-family investing, along with four decades of wisdom and experience as an Army Chaplain (Colonel) and Pastor of large congregations. 

 His life has given him the ability to provide skilled leadership, an ever-present smile, unquestioned integrity, a listening ear, vision and energy. He heads up our executive team, with an added focus of investor relations.

Remove your mental barriers with Inner Game work

Are you tired of feeling not good enough, stopped in your tracks or dealing with mental road blocks? 

If you are, Harland's Inner Game Seat Workshop will help give you the tools and words to destroy the stuff that's weighing you down and become the best version of you. 

It isn't other people that are standing in your way, it isn't even your circumstances that are blocking your ability to thrive; it's yourself and the negative self-talk you keep telling yourself. Join us for Harland's Inner Game Seat Workshop during our Craft Your Ideal REI Business Bootcamp!

Workshop #5


Week 5 Content Available When Registered!

Who's Leading This Workshop?

Meet Tom McNamara

Tom McNamara, a Navy Vet, is a long time Real Estate Investor. Turning Pro a few years ago due to our year long PACT Mastermind, he has built a solid reputation within the Real Estate community by providing outstanding customer service along with negotiation skills honed over years of experience in sales at a Fortune 500 company. He specializes in doing creative deals inside of his retirement accounts and LOVES numbers!

Meet Jason DeBonno

Jason has served as both Director of Business Development and Director of Operations for NuView Trust Company – a self-directed custodian with over $1.4 billion of assets under custody. Now, in his role as Corporate Vice President, Jason oversees the day to day activities of the company. 

He is heavily recruited to speak on podcasts and at national events as a subject matter expert in tax-advantaged investing through retirement accounts. Additionally, Jason has provided continuing education to CPAs, Attorneys, and Real Estate professionals and has been a guest speaker at hundreds of investment events and conferences throughout the United States.
Outside of his role at NuView, Jason serves as Co-founder and Chairman of Chair the Love, a 501(c)(3) organization, which provides wheelchairs and other mobility-related services to those in need.

Build Your Private Money Network

When people first start, they typically use expensive money which is just okay because it's better than no money. The problem is that your deals are much less profitable because of financing costs. The remedy was learning how to build a private money network and utilize other people's retirement accounts.

That's right, you can build a network of people who are dying to fund your deals if you know how to do it. Learn how to get access to millions of dollars in private money and learn from our system for tapping into the trillions of dollars just sitting idly in banks, retirement accounts and under mattresses all over the United States.

Your Bootcamp Schedule

All Modules are delivered Weekly to your Inbox! Never Miss a Training!
2 Training Releases EVERY WEEK!

Week 1 - Kickoff Call/Marketing Mastery Workshop w/ Augie & DealMachine

Week 1 - First  Deal Huddle with Tim Davis

Week 2 - Seller Financing Workshop with Tim Davis

Week 2 - Second  Deal Huddle with Augie Byllott

Week 3 - Subject-To Workshop with Tim Schmidt

Week 3- Third Open Q&A Deal Huddle with Augie Byllott

Week 4 - Inner Game Workshop with Harland Merriam 

Week 4 - Fourth Open Q&A Deal Huddle with Augie Byllott

Week 5 - IRA Investing Workshop with Tom McNamara & Jason DeBonno

Week 5 - Fifth Open Q&A Deal Huddle with Augie Byllott

"What Augie teaches is not just about real estate, it's about financial independence and so much more. It's about learning how to solve people's problems, becoming a transaction engineer, and using intellectual capital to improve your quality of life."

Disco San Andreas
Orlando, FL


On top of that... you'll receive INSTANT access to 2 KILLER Creative Financing Programs on our Campus! All yours!

Get Started Right Away and Accelerate Your Business!

This Business Acceleration Course will get you started on the right foot. You'll be introduced to the primary investment strategies and language we use everyday. 

Hours of Creative Financing Training! 

Learn how to create a Wrap Mortgage to make money on existing financing! Leverage Subject-To Properties and Agreements for Deed!

Comes with a Workbook and Audio / Visual Modules to really up your Game!

Four Ways to Find Motivated Sellers: 
We provide step by step guides to get started right away by Driving For Dollars, Door Knocking, Gum Flapping, jumping on Social Media and More! 

Marketing Mastery 
Ever wonder how to start marketing effectively? Wonder no more. In this module you'll learn about Door Hangers, Letters, Postcards and Bandit Signs. One of the most exciting elements of this module is a powerful 1/2 day recording of our Marketing Mastery seminar with PACT Alumni Marketing Expert Christa Hixon! You'll learn about lists, techniques and more! 

Mobile Mastery 
We all need to learn how to use our mobile devices effectively when we are on the go. In Module 3, you'll learn the In's and Outs of Zillow and other sites to find and evaluate leads quickly! 

Paperwork and Documents 
Perhaps one of the most important parts of the Deal Acceleration Program: Paperwork and Documents! In this module you'll receive the paperwork, documents and contracts that you'll need to get started right away! Learn How to Fill out a Purchase and Sale and additional contracts, forms etc! You'll also have access to scripts to practice talking to sellers.

See What's Included...

- 5 Weeks of Recorded Training Modules                                    $2,497 
- Bonus 1 - 3 Day Live Event Ticket                                                  $1,990
- Bonus 2 - Hyperspeed to WEALTH                                               $1,497
- Bonus 3 - 12 Months of Live Q&A Calls                                          $997


A package with $6,988 of value for ONLY $1497 $997!
It's too good to pass up on! 

Normal Price of $1497
Yours TODAY For Just $997!

"I was blessed to have Augie Byllott for a coach. He not only has a wealth of knowledge in the real estate investing world but is a person of integrity. 

He has a wholistic way of coaching you and it is not always about making money. I grew personally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and financially. I love Augie Byllott and his precious wife Audrey Byllott....they both are phenomenal people! I am blessed to be part of the Creating Wealth USA family!"

Kathy Johnson
Apopka, FL

The WEALTH System™ is the foundation of virtually everything we do in the realm of real estate.

Wholesaling, Private Lending, Renovating, Taking Over Payments...everything starts with WEALTH™! 

Check out a SNEAK PEAK of the training content that lies before you when you make the investment in our life-changing programs!

"Even though I was a seasoned investor and had a substantial investing business when I started with Creating Wealth USA and their events, they encouraged me to think outside the box. I continue to learn about things I can do differently, things I haven’t thought about. Creating Wealth teaches the basics all the way to advanced creative investing strategies.
I’d recommend this to anybody and everybody who wants to be a real estate investor. "

Randy Thomason
President of Central Arkansas Real Estate Investors Association
"We're very protective of our newbies here at Polk County Real Estate Investors Association. We are very familiar with Augie Byllott and his programs at #CreatingWealthUSA. 

I have NEVER in all these years heard ANYTHING negative about Augie and his community and educational courses. I would HIGHLY suggest him and his coaching program & Bootcamps for people starting out as well as investors that have been in it for a while and looking to learn something new."

Lizzz Moss
 President & Founding Board Member Polk County REIA
"Augie continues to impress me with his knowledge and understanding of investing in real estate. He has a sincere desire to share his wisdom and is a great mentor! 

Augie’s coaching and teaching style are absolutely second to none. As a full-time investor myself, I highly recommend his programs to any investor seeking to improve their investing skills and grow their wealth. Thanks Augie, for your consistent guidance and encouragement"

Charles Fischer
 President of Central Florida Real Estate Investors Association

Your 5 Paths To Cash

These are the paths to make you the MOST money possible on each deal. During this bootcamp - we teach you how to begin with the end in mind!

Know your possible exits, and depending on what offer the seller accepts, that will help determine your exit! 
Curious if the Craft Your Ideal Business Bootcamp is for you?
  • You’ve been in real estate for a while but feel stuck - stuck with your income, your systems, or your time... 
  •  Or maybe you’re in a big transition with your work and desire clarity and structures to support your new focus 
  •  Or you're stuck with how to approach real estate,​so more deals come in
  •  You’ve gone through other programs, trainings or events and you still aren’t where you want to be 
  •  You’re tired of feeling guilty about working so much and feeling disconnected from your family or friends... 
  •  You're ready to finally master your money mindset and increase your having level
Instead do you want...
No Banks - No Cash - No Problem Investing!

We'll teach you sure-fire ways that has led our students to do creative real estate deals all over the nation. 
A Community That Will Lift You Up

Network with real people in the industry that are doing this every day. Mastermind with them at lunches - make lifelong connections that will lead to joint-ventures, money lenders and more!
Get unstuck from the income roller coaster 

At the Financial Freedom Summit you'll get Clarity and focus on what you’re doing and exactly how to grow your business.

See What People Are Posting About Our Business-Building Programs and Augie!

Craft Your Ideal Business Bootcamp

Our Students do real deals all the time! This could be you - Marshall has invested in this program, and it has led to awesome deals just like this one.  We teach a "give first" approach to business and life. Marshall did just that by helping his neighbors next to his investment while finishing the renovation.
Check out one of our student deals! Kari helped a family going through a very tough probate. 
She made the house beautiful and found a cash buyer quick! We teach Win-Win or no deal and it most certianly was a win for everyone involved!
What You'll Get...
Discover the revenue opportunities hiding in what comes naturally to you!
Learn from REAL DEALS

We'll teach you sure-fire ways that has led our students to do creative real estate deals all over the nation. 

Case studies with offer workshopping to make your practice perfect.
Virtual Community!

Bring your questions, get ready and jump into the event  full force with our Online Community on Facebook!
Get unstuck from the income roller coaster 

At the Financial Freedom Summit you'll get Clarity and focus on what you’re doing and exactly how to grow your business.

Craft Your Ideal Business Bootcamp

A little more about Augie...
Investing for over 30 years, Augie Byllott has purchased over 600 properties only using 2 bank loans, taught thousands of students and has helped improve communities around the nation. He is a master of not only deal structuring to maximize profit he uses relationship structuring with lenders, partners and others to ensure maximum value with minimum headaches.

He is the founder of Creating Wealth USA, a real estate investing training company that prides itself on teaching and transforming people and their businesses all over the US. Augie’s students continue to excel and through Creating Wealth’s business building systems. Their success equals more homes improved, more communities transformed, and more families served.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How will attending this Bootcamp help my business?
This event is about helping you  with structures and systems to build a business that fully supports you! Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business many years, this program is designed to help you reach your next level.
Q: What if I am already in other programs or feeling overwhelmed with too many options of what to do with my business?
Whether you’re in other programs or feeling overwhelmed by all information out there on how to grow your business, you’re here reading this for a reason. Maybe you feel something is still missing...or what you’re implementing isn’t quite working for you. Or maybe you just want more for yourself and your business.

Our systems are designed to end the overload, not add to it, while giving you structures that are plug-and-play so you can customize them to your unique style and business.
Q: When and where is the 5 Week Bootcamp?
The 5 Week Bootcamp begins AS SOON as you register. All Modules are Pre-Recorded and Time Released to you in a perfect 5 Week Timeline!

Be sure to mark your calendar ASAP for the 3rd Monday of the Month as that's your opportunity for the next YEAR to be a part of our Community Open Q&A Call once a month to get ALL your questions answered. Of course, you can always email us with questions or deals during the 5 Weeks.
Q: How Long Do I Have Access?
You'll have Access to our Campus and to the 3rd Monday of Every Month Q&A Call for 6 Months! Plenty of time to download all the forms and access the modules! 

Craft Your Ideal Business Bootcamp