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Begins when you invest! 

  • 5 weeks of trainings from myself and my coaches.
  • ​See what it's like in our Investor Mastermind.
  • ​Live Monthly Q & A calls to help you find the deals.
  • We help you know what to say to lock down contracts. 
You'll learn all about the creative ways we buy houses. 
We'll teach you how to leverage the seller's equity (seller financing) and their current mortgage (subject-to) so you can get into houses with virtually no money of your own... 

The WEALTH System™ is the foundation of virtually everything we do in the realm of real estate.

Wholesaling, Private Lending, Renovating, Taking Over Payments...everything starts with WEALTH™! 

Check out a SNEAK PEAK of the training content that lies before you when you make the investment in our life-changing programs!

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Buy Now Price: $2,497

Why risk botching a real estate deal when you can learn the right things to say?

Eliminate fear, overcome objections with ease and discover powerful techniques for speaking to sellers that will turn you into a deal making machine!

As your conversations get better, your confidence will grow and so will your income.
That’s why when you learn the language of investing you’ll have more…more quality conversations, more confidence and more cash!

Every investor wants to increase their profits, reduce holding costs and lower their risk.

When you learn to create wealth with lease options, you can make money based on control rather than ownership. Buying with lease options allows you to control a property and its cash flow.

You can structure both short and long term benefits and do it safely and with integrity. When selling, you ensure yourself multiple paydays.

Buy Now Price: $2,997

Buy Now Price: $2,997

Why risk botching a real estate deal when you can learn the right things to say?

Learning how to buy houses Subject-To teaches you how to use the existing financing to purchase the property. This technique has been used by investors across the country to help homeowners and investors alike.

Simply take over the payments on an existing loan and you can solve their problem. This is one of the easiest ways to buy real estate!

Imagine having all the money you need to buy investment properties?

All you need is Intellectual Capital; it’s more valuable than cash and more effective then credit. Intellectual capital is a completely renewable resource that you will never run out of because once you have it, no one can ever take it away from you.

You can’t outspend it and it cannot be stolen from you. It’s what the best investors are using to build their own economies. You can, TOO!

Buy Now Price: $3,497

Buy Now Price: $697

Every investor should have one or more ways to sell properties quickly. 

Entering into a real estate transaction without knowing your exit strategy can be hazardous to your financial health. It can be painful, frustrating and downright costly.
Do you plan to flip the property to another investor? Are you going to fix it up and sell it retail? Maybe you plan to do a lease option.

Before determining your best exit strategy you need to consider things like; how much money you are going to put into the property? How long do you expect to hold it? How long do you think it will take to sell? How long might it take your buyer to get financed? These are important questions you need to consider before you enter an agreement to purchase a property. 

We help you answer all these questions in our Exit Strategies Program!

Sharpen your skills at estimating the repairs needed on a house. 

Learn what to look for and how to see it. Reduce the number of surprises. Learn to manage contractors, discover what other investors have done with their renovation projects with our Deal Library! 

This program is a must if you want to 

Buy Now Price: $1,497

Your 5 Paths To Cash

These are the paths to make you the MOST money possible on each deal. Inside the All-Access Pass, we teach you how to begin with the end in mind!

Know your possible exits, and depending on what offer the seller accepts, that will help determine your exit! 

Invest in the All Access Pass TODAY to explore your 5 PATHS TO CASH!

Main Program Library

- Conversions, Confidence & Cash 2.0                              $2,497
- Creating Wealth With Lease Options                            $2,997
- Taking Over Payments Systems                                         $2,997
- Ultimate Creative Finance System                                  $3,497
   - Exit Strategies                                                                              $497      
- Rocking Renovations                                                                $1,497


Your Killer Bonuses

- 5 Week Live Bootcamp                                                            $2,497
- Ticket to 3 Day Training Event                                            $1,997
- Business Acceleration System                                            $1,497
      - 12 Months All-Access Q&A Calls                                      $997          


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"Before my first Creating Wealth Event, I was struggling to make my first deal, I was timid talking to Sellers and never quite knew how to put deals together. As a mom, with a 5 year old and a 3 year old, I have now completed the buy, rehab and sell process for over 60 properties and now average over 3 properties acquisition per month… all this part-time and holding babies on my hip. In February, we had 11 transactions going on at once, which I never would have imagined before being involved in this community."

Kari Lyke
"These events has really broadened by horizons on how I finance properties. Initially I thought I needed to have bank financing. But all the different techniques learned at these events has tremendously helped my business in ways I never thought possible."

Greg Bond
Curious if Augie's All-Access Pass is for you?
  • You’ve been in real estate for a while but feel stuck - stuck with your income, your systems, or your time... 
  •  Or maybe you’re in a big transition with your work and desire clarity and structures to support your new focus 
  •  Or you're stuck with how to approach real estate,​so more deals come in
  •  You’ve gone through other programs, trainings or events and you still aren’t where you want to be 
  •  You’re tired of feeling guilty about working so much and feeling disconnected from your family or friends... 
  •  You're ready to finally master your money mindset and increase your having level
Instead do you want...
No Banks - No Cash - No Problem Investing!

We'll teach you sure-fire ways that has led our students to do creative real estate deals all over the nation. 
A Community That Will Lift You Up

Network with real people in the industry that are doing this every day. Mastermind with them at lunches - make lifelong connections that will lead to joint-ventures, money lenders and more!
Get unstuck from the income roller coaster 

At the Financial Freedom Summit you'll get Clarity and focus on what you’re doing and exactly how to grow your business.
Does that sound like you?
Then join our community and start KILLING IT in real estate!
This event is about getting you the clarity, systems, connections and breakthroughs YOU need to consistently do deals, .

You’ll leave this event with a new attitude, a renewed sense of purpose and an inner game that increases your personal power by an order of magnitude. We are going to show you the steps for success and how to walk them every day.  

This isn’t just a feel good event but an actual live training event designed to empower you to finally take control and stop procrastinating.  You will learn how to generate leads and negotiate agreements to bring to guaranteed, ready and waiting cash buyers who want to put money in your pocket.

How do you feel when you walk away from a Seller because you couldn’t close the deal? Then…you see another investor, who isn’t even as smart as you, close the deal! We have to admit…it used to freak us out until we increased the number of tools in our creative financing tool kit.

Imagine you take all the knowledge from this amazing event and act on it. Now you’re the one people are asking, “Hey, how’d you do that deal?” What will it feel like at your next REIA meeting when people and ask you for guidance? Can you imagine how good you'll feel when your closing ratio goes up, along with your bank balance?

See What People Are Posting About Our Business-Building Programs and Augie!

Our Students do real deals all the time! This could be you - Marshall has invested in this program, and it has led to awesome deals just like this one. Here at Creating Wealth USA, we teach a "give first" approach to business and life. Marshall did just that by helping his neighbors next to his investment while finishing the renovation.
Check out one of our student deals! Kari helped a family going through a very tough probate. She made the house beautiful and found a cash buyer!
What You'll Get...
Discover the revenue opportunities hiding in what comes naturally to you!
Learn from REAL DEALS

We'll teach you sure-fire ways that has led our students to do creative real estate deals all over the nation. 

Case studies with offer workshopping to make your practice perfect.
Virtual Community!

Bring your questions, get ready and jump into the event  full force with our Online Community on Facebook!
Get unstuck from the income roller coaster 

At the Financial Freedom Summit you'll get Clarity and focus on what you’re doing and exactly how to grow your business.
"In just the first 90 days after coming to an event and joining this community; I did 10 deals, some are already producing income in my buy and hold portfolio as well as additional profits set to produce in excess of $125k each for both my partner and I in the next 12 months.

The support of everyone has been a tremendous advantage. It has allowed me to further develop my knowledge and skills while pushing me to overcome obstacles in a positive and productive way. I continue to get one step closer to be able to leave my full-time job so I can spend more time with my family and tackle this full time!

Since coming to these events, I’ve realized that the only limits I have are the ones I put on myself."

Tim Schmidt
Who Is Augie Byllott?
Investing for over 30 years, Augie Byllott has purchased over 600 properties only using 2 bank loans, taught thousands of students and has helped improve communities around the nation. He is a master of not only deal structuring to maximize profit he uses relationship structuring with lenders, partners and others to ensure maximum value with minimum headaches.

He is the founder of Creating Wealth USA, a real estate investing training company that prides itself on teaching and transforming people and their businesses all over the US. Augie’s students continue to excel and through Creating Wealth’s business building systems. Their success equals more homes improved, more communities transformed, and more families served.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How will purchasing this program help my business?
This event is about helping you  with structures and systems to build a business that fully supports you! Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business many years, this program is designed to help you reach your next level.
Q: What if I am already in other programs or feeling overwhelmed with too many options of what to do with my business?
Whether you’re in other programs or feeling overwhelmed by all information out there on how to grow your business, you’re here reading this for a reason. Maybe you feel something is still missing...or what you’re implementing isn’t quite working for you. Or maybe you just want more for yourself and your business.

Our systems are designed to end the overload, not add to it, while giving you structures that are plug-and-play so you can customize them to your unique style and business.
Q: When and where is the 5 Week Bootcamp?
The 5 Week Bootcamp begins on Oct 29, 2020 online on Zoom!

Be sure to reserve your All-Access Pass today because we have a limited amount of space on our Webinar Platform on Zoom and news of the event is being delivered to over thousands of people.